Diet Therapy

Several pieces of evidence advocate that nutrients and food components affect Diet Therapy the functioning of our bodies while protecting it against several diseases. Your diet plan plays a vital role in controlling and curing diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many more. The therapy where diet has a significant role to play is known as Diet & Nutritional Therapy. The diet therapies suggested by our doctors are planned to boost immunity, improve healing, and maintain ideal body weight. In our unique naturopathy treatments, diet is customized explicitly for individuals for a speedy recovery, drugless treatment, and further maintenance. Navdeh gives the best naturopathic diet plan for weight loss.

Naturopathic diet is divided into 3 categories:







This includes leman juice, citric fruits, tender coconut water, vegetable soups, buttermilk, and wheat-grass juice, etc. Soothing foods are fresh ripe fruits, salads, steamed vegetables, sprouts, vegetable chutney etc. Constructive foods are wholewheat flour, unpolished rice, millet, pulses, sprouts, yogurt, etc.


Diet Therapy
From environmental toxins to those deadly viruses present in preservatives and pesticides, we are surrounded by toxins every step of the way – it’s highly recommended that we reboot our bodies from time to time. Fasting has been considering as one of the essential methods of nature cure for ancient times. During fasting, our body removes toxins, waste material, and the dead cell, which may cause obesity, gas formation, asthma, digestive disorders, and other severe diseases. Fasting is one of the effective methods of detoxification. As per naturopathy, initially, you should fast for a limited time and then gradually increase the period (varies from person to person).